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Welcome to Arbitration

  • Arbitration is a creature of consent, and that consent should be freely, knowingly and competently given.
  • It is recommended that parties wishing to refer possible disputes to use the Arbitration Clause.

  • Parties should always ensure the arbitration agreement is in writing and clearly drafted.
  • is a neutral forum for arbitration
  • do not belong to any government hierarchy.

  • arbitrators are independent and impartial.

  • ADR. direct Arbitration results in a final and binding award.

  • can keep the procedure and the resulting award confidential Arbitration Basic Rules are designed to provide for a  confidential, simple, quick and inexpensive  means to resolve disputes. can provide ´tailor made´ arbitration .               


ADR.Direct has been created with a view to provide players´ agents and other intermediaries  in disputes arising in their  world of business and consultancy with an efficient, confidential and effective means of resolving these disputes.